My Conversation with Dr. Jennifer McNutt

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Dr. McNutt is a Church Historian at Wheaton College. I was excited to talk to her about her about her research focus on the Reformation and the influence of Calvin on later generations of pastors and churches in Geneva. Her work is fascinating, and I find it inspirational. As you will hear in our conversation she did extensive work uncovering the vitality of Christianity in Geneva in spite of the common thinking that the Enlightenment wiped out the commitment of the church in that day. Her book covers that topic extensively, which you can find below. Enjoy.

My Conversation with Dr. Con Campbell

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Dr. Con Campbell is a leading New Testament Greek scholar. It was a a great week together in studio working on a course on Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. His heart for ministry alongside his passion for Biblical Greek and New Testament studies created a great tone for the course and for our interview. I hope you will enjoy it, and if you’re interested in Greek you should definitely check out some of his resources below.

My Conversation with Dr. Craig Evans

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Craig Evans is a leading New Testament scholar, and it was great to get to talk to him and and interview him for the podcast.

We happened to be filming courses with Evans right before he went on a trip to Israel to help Logos Bible Software make a documentary and capture a couple of courses on archeology for Mobile Ed. I learned a lot about the impact of digs on Biblical studies, and how the process of discovery and publication happens. I hope you enjoy our conversation and check out some of his valuable resources below as well.