My Conversation with Dr. Tremper Longman

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While Dr. Longman was in studio with one of my colleagues, I had the pleasure of interviewing him for our podcast. He is a prolific author, very well published, and extraordinarily knowledgable about the Old Testament, particularly Wisdom Literature.

He’s one of the top Old Testament scholars alive today. Our discussion touched on his scholarship, his published works, and his work on the translation committee of the New Living Bible. Check out some of his written works below as well. Enjoy!

My Conversation with Dr. Andrew Pitts

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Dr. Andrew Pitts joined me for two week in the Mobile Ed studio, teaching a course on the Genre of The Gospels and a course on the Gospel of Luke. He was truly a surprise. We always have great scholars for Mobile Ed, but Andrew’s careful scholarship is hidden by the low profile he keeps and his southern California┬ástyle.

We had a couple of straight forward conversations that were recorded, the podcast above and the Faithlife Today segment below. Be sure to check out his edited works linked below as well. Enjoy.

My Conversation with Dr. Gary Barnes

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Dr. Barnes was my final professor in studio in 2014. It was a personal pleasure to have a week with him, a professional counselor, as I was working through a difficult season. His pastoral heart, his stories, and his deep insight into the fields of Pastoral care and counseling and psychology were on full display for our course with Mobile Ed.

Dr. Barnes shared his story with me in the podcast, a devastating and inspiring tale of betrayal, success and the pursuit of God’s heart. I commend it to you, and you can watch his interview with Faithlife today below as well. Enjoy.