My Conversation with Dr. Jon Paulien

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Last year I got a chance to sit down with Seventh Day Adventist scholar Dr. Jon Paulien, and talk to him about Loma Linda University and their unique integration of religion into the medical sciences and the intersection of faith in contemporary culture.

I’ve been able to sit down with a number of interesting Bible and theology scholars and interview them as a part of my work with Mobile Ed. I’ll be sharing them and commenting here on my blog with some of my behind the scenes reflections.

While I was not in studio with Dr. Paulien, recording a course, I was able to do a podcast with him. I enjoy doing them, and hope to continue to improve the quality of the interviews for as long as I get to do them. Seventh Day Adventists began and have existed on the fringes of evangelicalism, and some would argue completely outside of it altogether. In recent years there have been movements towards more integration. Christianity Today actually featured an article about this recently.

Dr. Paulien is a committed SDA, and taught two courses for Mobile Ed on Biblical Eschatology and the book of Revelation from an SDA perspective. I’m not a SDA, but just like with every professor I’ve been able to interact with, I came away with much I could learn and benefit from. I found Paulien’s work on apocalyptic literature and contemporary culture quite enlightening, as well as his work as a Dean of Religious studies at a Medical School.

I hope you enjoy the interview.

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