My Conversation with Army Chaplain Jeff Struecker

(If you would like to listen on SoundCloud, you can here)

Pastor Jeff joined my colleague Daniel in studio for a Mobile Ed course training chaplains. While Jeff’s background is the military chaplaincy, he teaches the course for all kinds of chaplains.

I was grateful to be able to interview him for the podcast. His stories are incredible, having fought in the special forces alongside the soldiers in the Black Hawk Down battle in Somalia. He gained a lot of respect after that, and he was able to talk about his faith in new ways. This lead him into chaplaincy where he ministered to the needs of soldiers for many years. After leaving the military he became a pastor near a military base, and became an author attempting to reach guys like the ones he fought with on active duty.

I know I have friends I greatly respect serving as chaplains in various contexts. If you are a chaplain or know someone who is, I think this conversation will be helpful. Enjoy.