Church History

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Dr. McNutt is a Church Historian at Wheaton College. I was excited to talk to her about her research focus on the Reformation and the influence of Calvin on later generations of pastors and churches in Geneva. Her work is fascinating, and I find it inspirational. As you will hear in our conversation she did extensive work uncovering the vitality of Christianity in Geneva in spite of the common thinking that the Enlightenment wiped out the commitment of the church in that day. Enjoy.

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It was a very surprising week with Dr. Olson. I was not with him in the Mobile Ed studio for his two courses he recorded with us on Historical Theology, but was honored to interview him for the podcast.

Roger has a very active voice in the evangelical world. Taking stands against Calvinism, folk religion, and issues of biblical illiteracy, he’s not afraid of a fight. My week with him was not marked by polemics though. He brought a great number of pastoral concerns to bare in our conversations, making clear his commitment to praying with his students on campus, his desire to see the church flourish in Waco where he is based, and his hope for a healthier future in the evangelical movement. I aimed to have a very honest conversation with Olson for our podcast to represent the candor of our lunches together. I think we pulled it off. I hope you enjoy it.

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Late last year I had the great privilege to speak with Dr. Lynn Cohick, New Testament Professor at Wheaton University. I was the instructional designer assigned to her for her second Mobile Ed course, this one on the book of Ephesians.

She was delightful to work with. Very personable, with stories of her time teaching at a Seminary in Africa early in her career, and carrying a boldness that comes with achieving success in a field normally received to men, something she spoke to Christianity Today about not too long ago.

With a mind full of Greek Exegesis and New Testament Theology, and heart for the global church, Lynn talked to me openly about her conversations with leaders in the Jewish community in Chicago and her work on the women in early Christian history. I hope you enjoy our conversation.