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It was a pleasure to have Dr. Lane Tipton in the Mobile Ed studio for a course on Theological Anthropology. He is a serious scholar with an encyclopedic knowledge of the Reformed tradition, and has a great sense of humor. He recorded a stellar course and kept the Assistant Studio Director and I laughing between takes.

Our conversation for the podcast focused on being faithful versus being popular, and on his appreciation for the return of an emphasis on hermeneutics in the academy. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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Late last year I had the great privilege to speak with Dr. Lynn Cohick, New Testament Professor at Wheaton University. I was the instructional designer assigned to her for her second Mobile Ed course, this one on the book of Ephesians.

She was delightful to work with. Very personable, with stories of her time teaching at a Seminary in Africa early in her career, and carrying a boldness that comes with achieving success in a field normally received to men, something she spoke to Christianity Today about not too long ago.

With a mind full of Greek Exegesis and New Testament Theology, and heart for the global church, Lynn talked to me openly about her conversations with leaders in the Jewish community in Chicago and her work on the women in early Christian history. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Listen to my conversation with Justin Irving here

Dr. Irving is in the middle of a series of courses on leadership for Mobile Ed. He’ll be back later this summer to finish his final course with us. I had the privilege of being in studio with him for his course on Team Leadership and Group Dynamic Theory, which is still in postproduction. Justin leads the Doctor of Ministry program at Bethel Seminary, and is a careful thinker and helpful consultant on leadership issues of all kinds.

Our conversation was quick and to the point. Our time in studio was very pleasant and informative. Justin brought a wealth of case studies, theology and practical knowledge to leadership issues that I found refreshing and helpful. I hope you will find our conversation valuable to you in your context. Enjoy!