10 Reasons I’m thankful to work at Analytics Pros

Analytics Pros is a Google Analytics Reseller and online marketing consulting firm. I am blessed to work here, and am learning a ton.

Analytics Pros is a Google Analytics Premium reseller and online marketing consulting firm.

UPDATE TO THIS POST: I worked for AP for a short while before seasons at work and in life collided to lead me back to Portland where my fiance lived. It was an incredible learning experience for me, and truly a blessing.

  1. Technology is just fun. Plain and simple.
  2. After realizing I needed to stop treating ministry like a career I decided I wanted to pursue work in online marketing, get married, and volunteer at Mars Hill Church. I needed a company to take a chance on me because I have no education, experience, or training in anything other than ministry. This company is taking that chance.
  3. My bosses, the husband and wife who founded of the company, are some of the most generous people on the planet.
  4. I learn something interesting and new everyday.
  5. Our client base is global and influential.
  6. A nerf gun is shot at least once during the work day, usually at a person.
  7. I’m surrounded by people who are smarter than me.
  8. Our office has an open kitchen, and I can’t wait to make curry in it when I have time.
  9. We are located in Ballard, which is just a sweet place to be.
  10. We do great work, and we’re getting better.