John Piper on Pastors and PhD’s

John Piper

In May of 2010 my friend Eric Roseberry submitted a question, should pastors get PhD’s, to John Piper through the Desiring God blog and their “Ask Pastor John” series. I think he offers a helpful response, especially to young pastors who are contemplating taking such a path. I know that I weigh this advice heavily in my own considerations.

An excerpt from the transcript:

“…if you’re a pastor, set yourself to study the Bible and take courses. But don’t worry about a degree for goodness’ sake. I’ve not even opened the tube in which my diploma exists since 1974! I haven’t opened it! It’s in the drawer. Nobody asks about it. It doesn’t mean anything anymore. (Maybe that’s an overstatement.)”

Also, a year earlier John Piper received a similar question more generally concerning how much school a Pastor should receive. This is also helpful.

From the transcript:

“…we should not as churches say, “You have to have an MDiv.” There are so many MDivs who are incompetent pastors, and PhDs! And there are people without them who would make really good pastors. I think all of that is changing, in fact”