Saturday Review: 9/17/16 Edition

If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m experimenting with blogging everyday. For now I’m just seeing how long I can keep it up, and if I miss a day I’ll just pick up and keep going. At least that’s the plan for now. I’m hoping to have a theme per day based on where my interests are right now, and stick with that daily theme every week for as long as I can. For Saturdays I want to do one of the the things I enjoy about some of the blogs I follow, and that’s sharing links to other content I’ve found interesting through the week. I wondered about sharing every link to every video I watched and every article I read during the week. I may do that eventually just to see if I can and how interesting it is for the reader, or even just how fun it is for me to do. But for now I’m just recalling the stuff I’ve enjoyed watching, reading or hearing the most this week, on the spot, and sharing it with you.

Animated Voltage – by Miguel D’Oliveira

First up, I heard this song called Animated Voltage by Miguel D’Oliveira in video essay by Vox earlier this week and was able to find it on YouTube. I found it fun, and it stuck with me.

Homer Simpson: An economic analysis – by Vox

Speaking of Vox, this economic analysis of Homer Simpson is a fun foray into the American middle class squeeze. I’ve been rewatching all the Simpsons with my wife, so this was timely.

The Force Awakens and Star Wars Formula – Analyzed Movie Review – by Chris Stuckmann

I enjoy Chris Stuckmann’s Youtube channel and his unapologetic film nerdery. I hadn’t gotten around to watching his Force Awakens analysis until this week, but I was having Star Wars withdrawals in anticipation for Rouge One. I found this fun and helpful. (PS – language warning, for those concerned)

Trevor Noah from the Daily Show interviews Bill Clinton on today’s political landscape

Something about this conversation intrigued and disturbed me. It’s interesting that Clinton pulls off a very likeable persona even though he’s a dirty old man. I appreciate his humble beginnings and what he has been able to accomplish, but it disturbs me that politicians get away with trails of victims whose absence of voices this election year has created a deafening silence, at least in my ears. Clinton even told Kevin Spacey that House of Cards is basically the reality of Washington. Sickening. My favorite part of this interview is when Noah releases balloons.

Every time I think of Bill Clinton I think of Monica Lewinky’s TED talk on the price of shame. I cried the first time I watched it.

How to Correct Donald Trump in Real Time – by The Nerdwriter

The Nerdwriter is probably my favorite video essayist. His weekly episode this week was about Trump. He has done several essays on Trump and they are always pretty brilliant, and a welcomed calm, cool, and collected critique in an otherwise insane election year. (PS – language warning for those concerned)


Technology is taking jobs away from men—and reviving a pre-industrial version of masculinity – by Quartz

From the article:

Few things are considered more manly than providing for and protecting your family. So it’s no wonder that so many men in developed countries are in a crisis, with technology cited as the reason for rising populism and discontent.

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan is making an HBO show about Jonestown

From the article:

The limited series, called Raven, is an adaptation of Tim Reiterman’s account of Jonestown, the American religious commune in Guyana founded by Jim Jones that gained infamy in 1978 when all its members died of cyanide poisoning in an apparent mass suicide.

The Plane Highway in the Sky – by Wendover Productions

I’ll never achieve the technical level of nerdery that this guy does, but I enjoy his YouTube channel, and I like flying. This was fascinating.


I think I’m going to end it here. There are some articles and videos that will be used in posts I make through the next week where I will focused on just one thing at a time. I hope you enjoyed.