It is too easy to forget who I am. I worship a God who teaches me that He made me in His image, that even though my evil actions have corrupted that image, He died to pay for and repair that image and likeness of Himself in me. I rush quickly back to the broken image, in my head, in my heart, and with my hands. I rush quickly back to sin. I’ve spent many years training to think the right thoughts, feel the right way, and do the right things. Sometimes I’ve been taught that this was the way to eternal life, and I’ve often believed it.

It is too easy to forget to worship the right Lord, to love the right person, and to serve the right Master. It’s too easy to forget Jesus. Too easy for me. I don’t judge Peter for sinking, for taking his eyes off of Jesus. I do that all the time. I spend a lot of the time my eyes are on Christ trying to prepare myself emotionally for the time when I will fail. In the end I’m just distracting myself from the only thing that matters.

It’s good that Christ’s hold on me is infinitely stronger than my hold on Him. Without that I’d slip into oblivion. With it, I’m a son of God.