Anything worth doing, is worth doing well. Anything we really want to do, and believe is worth doing well, is worth building a team to get it done. Chances are you can’t do it yourself, and you may not possess the skills to actually do most of the work. But you may be the person to make sure it happens, whatever it is.

For me, right now that’s Children’s Ministry. Loving kids and wanting to teach them about Jesus isn’t enough to lead around 120 kids and 60 volunteers to make a healthy ministry, where children and volunteers are discipled to know, be like and be on mission with Jesus, where it’s secure, where the systems for volunteer recruiting and training and scheduling are solid, and where its actually a fun kid-friendly place to be. That takes no less than love and desire, but it takes a lot more too. Primarily, that “more” it takes, is a team.

It takes work. Work that I don’t have the time and energy to do myself. It’s been amazing to see people step up, to respond to vision (make disciples of Jesus who make more disciples), to fall into needed roles, to have new roles created and filled to solve problems. I’m still in the middle of it. But this is the big lesson I’m learning. Even though it’s hard, I can see the Gospel in it. I can see the gifts God gives His people coming to life and bearing fruit. There’s a theology to team building, and it’s wrapped up in Jesus saving His church to do good works, and giving them the gifts to join Him on His mission. I like that. That’ll preach. It’s preaching to me. I hope it preaches to you.